Jun 102012

It’s been 2 weeks since I returned from Graz where I created AutoCAD videos in the recording studios of video2brain. It took me a solid week to get over the jet lag which was strangely worse for me traveling west this time.

The people who work at video2brain are fantastic and they run a top notch operation. I had a good time getting to know the people who work there and a few other trainers in the recording studios.

Here I am going up the funicular (very steep railway) to the Schlossberg in Graz, a town where Johannes Kepler, Nikola Tesla, and Erwin Schrödinger once lived. Not to mention Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Scott Onstott in Graz

Photo by Barbara Luef

One funny thing I discovered in a tourist shop is a sign that says No Kangaroos in Austria. A friend told me to make sure to visit the Great Barrier Reef while in Austria so I see how this sort of confusion happens all the time.

No Kangaroos in Austria

I’ll bet that there is a mountain of mail to Austria sitting in a warehouse in Australia and vice-versa.

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