Jun 102012

I’ve been running this domain for a dozen years which in computer time is an epoch, and in 2012 my site was finally hacked. After a delay of a couple of days to rebuild and start over from backup my site was restored and nothing was lost. However this event gave me an opportunity to re-evaluate my entire site.

I hand-coded it in the 1990s when the web was just a hobby and nobody knew if it would really take off. I patched it with new info over the years, a process which became more and more laborious. The hacker did me a favor because I realized that I should really start over anyway and build a modern database-driven site (duh!). So, after building my passion project SecretsinPlainSight.com with WordPress, I knew it was the perfect platform to build my next digital identify out the ashes of my old one. So here it is, the new improved Scott Onstott dot com, rising phoenix-like from the flames.

Phoenix firebird rising from the ashes of a hacked domain

The phoenix rising from the ashes of a hacked website